At Lord’s Automative Pvt. Ltd, we take pride in introducing innovative electric vehicles to the thriving Indian electric vehicle industry. Our electric scooters, rickshaws, and loaders are meticulously designed with the latest technology and advanced features, providing an unmatched driving experience for our customers.

As a trailblazer in the EV sector, we present an exciting opportunity for dealers and distributors. Partnering with Lord’s Automative Pvt. Ltd not only aligns you with a reputable brand boasting a proven track record but also grants you access to a robust support system and a diverse range of high-demand electric vehicles. Join us in achieving a lucrative return on investment while contributing to the growth of a sustainable and eco-friendly future in the Indian electric vehicle industry.


To lead the global EV revolution in next gen mobility


To make the planet more sustainable and promote adoption of eco-friendly green technology

Lord's Value

Values Customer first Constant focus on R&D Driving innovation and collaboration Speed of light execution to replace with Agile

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Why Lord's Automative ?

When it comes to selecting an electric vehicle (EV) firm, it’s critical to work with a provider who combines EV industry expertise, world-class manufacturing capabilities, eco-friendly practises, technologically advanced solutions, and a dedication to safety.

Lord’s Automative has decades of experience in the electric vehicle business and has amassed vast knowledge and expertise in designing, developing, and manufacturing EVs.
Furthermore, our ”Make in India” products are specifically designed to meet the needs and preferences of the Indian market, assuring optimal performance and customer satisfaction.
By selecting Lord’s Auto, you actively contribute to lowering carbon emissions and conserving the environment, so ensuring a sustainable future for future generations.

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