Dr. Veer Singh, CEO of Lord’s Automative Pvt. Ltd. and Dr. Prem Bairwa, Dy. CM & Transport Minister for the Government of Rajasthan jointly released the banner of Jaipur EV Expo 2024.

Dr. Veer Singh, CEO of Lord’s Automative Pvt. Ltd. and Dr. Prem Bairwa, Dy. CM & Transport Minister for the Government of Rajasthan jointly released the banner of Jaipur EV Expo 2024.
Jaipur EV Expo

The company supports families of martyred security forces with rehabilitation, entrepreneurship opportunities, and EV purchase rebates.

Jaipur, Friday, 16th February, 2024: Lord’s Automative Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of Lord’s Mark Industries and a renowned leader in India’s electric vehicle market is proud to announce the launch of the EV Summit 2024 in Jaipur. In a landmark celebration of excellence, Mr Veer Singh, CEO of Lord’s Automative Pvt. Ltd. has released the banner for EV State-level Expo in the presence of Dr Prem Bairwa, Dy. Chief Minister & Transport minister Govt. of Rajasthan.

Lord’s Automative joins hands with the Government of Rajasthan to support the Central Government’s ambitious agenda of fostering sustainability by promoting electric vehicles and spearheading initiatives aimed at reducing the carbon footprint across diverse regions within the state. Through innovative solutions and strategic undertakings, the partnership to drive positive change and make a tangible impact on the environmental landscape of Rajasthan.

Dr. Prem Bairwa, Dy. Chief Minister & Transport Minister of the Government of Rajasthan, lauded Lord’s Automative for its commendable initiative and said, “We commend Lord’s Automative for spearheading the Jaipur EV Summit 2024, a crucial step towards advancing our state’s sustainable development goals. This initiative aligns perfectly with our government’s vision of reducing carbon footprint and promoting eco-friendly solutions. Collaborative efforts between the public and private sectors are essential for driving meaningful change, and we appreciate Lord’s Automative’s commitment to this cause. The summit presents an excellent opportunity for stakeholders to come together, share insights, and explore innovative strategies for achieving our shared objective of a greener, more sustainable Rajasthan.”

Commenting on the launch, Dr Veer Singh, CEO of Lord’s Automative Pvt. Ltd. remarked, ” I am thrilled to announce the launch of the Jaipur EV Summit 2024. This summit marks a significant milestone in our journey towards reducing carbon footprint in Rajasthan. We are aggressive and committed to leading the charge in promoting Electric Vehicles driving sustainable development in the region. I am honored to participate in the workshop and look forward to exchange some brilliant ideas to achieve our shared goal of zero carbon footprint. Together, we can make a meaningful impact on the environment and create a brighter, greener future for Rajasthan.”

The Jaipur EV Summit 2024 has witnessed a notable gathering of government officials, industry leaders, visionaries, and prospective dealers, all united in their commitment to realizing zero carbon footprint objectives and implementing eco-conscious measures in Rajasthan.

Aligned with the noble initiative in Rajasthan, Lord’s Automative has extended to support the families of martyred security and armed forces and their next of kins by providing rehabilitation, entrepreneurship opportunities besides offering a flat rebate ranging between ₹15000 to ₹35000 on the purchase of electric vehicle (EV) products offered by the company. Additionally, for those interested in entrepreneurship, the company extends opportunities for training and education to acquire the necessary skills to join their dealership team and foster independence.

The Rajasthan CAPF Association, in collaboration with Laghu Udhyog Bharti and Udhyog Vyapar Mandal, is providing logistic support and consultancy services to the courageous veterans and their families.

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